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Astra Kulturhaus
Revaler Strasse 99
10245 Berlin

Website: http://www.astra-berlin.de

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Am 19. April erschien mit ?Social Cues? das mittlerweile fünfte Studioalbum von Cage The Elephant. Nachdem die US-Amerikaner aus Kentucky im Juni für eine exklusive Show in Berlin waren, verkünden sie jetzt neue Live-Termine im kommenden Jahr. Zu erleben gibt?s die Grammy-Gewinner zwischen dem 26. und 28. Februar in der Live Music Hall Köln, im Astra Berlin und im Hamburger Docks. Mit als Support haben sie SWMRS aus Kalifornien ?feinster Punk Rock, gegründet 2004 als Schulband von Joey


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Cage The Elephant

Cage The Elephant

When Cage the Elephant released their self-titled debut in 2009, they were heralded as saviors of slacker funk-punk thanks to their hit “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked.” The title turned out to be more prescient than they’d bargained for: the band has been battling adversity of many stripes. But the struggles never pushed singer Matt Shultz, guitarist Brad Shultz, bassist Daniel Tichenor, guitarist Lincoln Parish, and drummer Jared Champion off track — they only strengthened the group’s bond and fueled the revved-up roar of its new album, Thank You Happy Birthday, set for release on January 11, 2011, which promises to launch the new year with a ferocious kick of gut-grabbing rock & roll. “This album brought me back to life,” says Matt Shultz.

“We totally turned away from fear-based writing. We just wanted to make music that we loved.” Cage the Elephant were literally itching to get new music into fans’ hands after spending years promoting their debut, which has sold close to 400,000 copies and spawned three Top 5 singles. In the time since they laid down their first album, the band has done a lot of living — and a lot of growing — and the maturity of their fresh sound shines through on the new album. The band sketched out 80 song ideas during a nearly two-year stint living in England, but wound up scrapping all the work once they returned to the U.S. and dove into a period of intense musical growth. They listened to the Pixies, Mudhoney and Butthole Surfers and explored ’50s surf rock for inspiration. After two weeks of total isolation in remote Kentucky cabins, they emerged with a fresh slate of songs and a renewed promise to be honest to themselves.

Website: http://www.cagetheelephant.com

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