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20.06.11. 10:27 Uhr

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Danke Colosseum! Danke Kesselhaus! Danke Garbáty! ... ihr habt mich glücklich gemacht!

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 28.08.2020    Kulturbastion - Torgau  
am :  28.08.2020
um :  20:00
Preis :  k.A.
mit :  Colosseum

04860 Torgau
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Several years after the dissolution of Colosseum, Jon Hiseman recruited Gary Moore and Don Airey to form Colosseum II. The mandate this time, however, was not the jazz- and blues-inflected rock of the original band, but a full-tilt journey into hyperkinetic jazz fusion that stretched the players about as far as they could go. The band proceeded to play and record with a passion for three years or so, before running out of steam. The first album featured vocalist Mike Starrs, who moved on to metal band Lucifer's Friend when the combination failed to work out. Also departing was bassist Neil Murray, who was replaced by John Mole. Andrew Lloyd Webber used the band for Variations, a composition for his brother, Julian Lloyd Webber. With three highly regarded albums to their credit, Colosseum II called it a day. Hiseman went on to do session work and to play with the United Jazz & Rock Ensemble. Sanctuary released an expanded version of their debut (Strange New Flesh: Upgraded) in October of 2005. ~ Steven McDonald, All Music Guide

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