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Band - DJ Robin Drimalski

DJ Robin Drimalski


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Robin Drimalski grew up in Wolfsburg, Germany and discovered the things you can do with two turntables and a Mixer in the mid nineties. He started scratching his first hip hop records back and forward. Soon this became the thing he was doing every day besides mixing drum 'n bass. Robin started to organize Parties in different off-locations with his friends and it didn’t need a long time and they switched to techno and house music. After moving to Berlin he began to work in his bedroom-studio to create music from ambient over downbeats to hip hop and house/techno. Alone or in long sessions with some friends. After playing here and there he became resident at the world famous Watergate Club four years ago. In his Mix Robin doesn..t think of genres, there are too many good tracks from all kinds of music out there.” I play everything that I like or what will be the most fun for the audience and me.” Back in 2008 he released his first record called "Himalaya" EP on Berlin based Vidab Records.

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