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MHP Arena
Schwieberdinger Strasse 30
71638 Ludwigsburg

Website: http://www.mhparena.ludwigsburg.de/,Lde/start.html

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When one talks about Heavy Metal today, HAMMERFALL is one of the first bands that will be mentioned. For more than a decade, this Swedish group has formulated graceful, power-driven melodies that not only tested musical boundaries, but stuck to it and kept themselves at the top of their game. "Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken" (2005) and "Threshold" (2006), the most recent offerings from this colossal Swedish squad, can just as crushingly strike you down like the powerful force of a violent winter blizzard. HAMMERFALL stands for powerful, majestic and melodic metal. Memorable choruses, straight and heavy riffs, thundering drums, pounding bass power and outstanding vocals are without any doubt the ingredients for metal hymns for eternity. These seasoned musicians have become one of the leading and most successful metal acts of our time. Their unstoppable creations reigned in a time when nobody cared about classical Heavy Metal, and without a doubt they have and will always deserve credit

for keeping the heavy metal genre alive. "Steel Meets Steel – Ten Years Of Glory" is their first Best Of album and should be a real treat for every fan – all the classics that made HAMMERFAL famous plus three completely new songs, a re-recorded version of "Hammerfall" and two live bonus tracks from 1998. Simply a must have!

Website: http://www.hammerfall.net

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