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Lord Bishop Rocks



Heidenauer Straße 10
12627 Berlin

Website: http://www.kiste.net

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07.09.11. 02:57 Uhr

Gambrinus Suhl about

Lord Bishop Rocks

Wehrte Konzertfreunde, das Konzert von Lord Bishop findet nicht wie hier falsch veröffenticht wurde am 25.10.11 sondern am 18.10.11!!! Vielen Dank, Euer Gambrinus-Team

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Lord Bishop Rocks

Lord Bishop Rocks

Lord Bishop from New York City, journey man, black magic worshiper, voodoo funker has been on the Rock´n´Roll Road for over 10 years spreading a brand of music that comes from his soul, his heart and his big black cock! -If the music doesn´t fuck then it doesn´t rock! My influences are Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, Frank Zappa, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Tina Turner and Janis Joplin.- With over 1000 concerts played in last years and thousands of CDs sold world wide, the Lord carries the torch of Rock´n´Roll like his predecessors before him. -I will die on stage because it´s the only place I live-. Starting out in small venues all over the place the main intention was to move his band, the Rockadelic Kings, forward: Rock´n Roll - as pure and as eccentric as Rock music can be. The permanent stress of a musician who is trying to reach upper skies leaves the King of Sex Rock still excited every show. -When I see the faces of the boys and the pussies of the girls I say to myself, wow this is a life.

Website: http://www.lordbishop.org

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