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Die schwedischen Heavy-Metal-Helden SABATON werden am 19. Juli 2019 ihr neues Album The Great War veröffentlichen. Stolz verkündet die Band die europäischen Tourdaten für ihre The Great Tour, für die sie als Support ihre schwedischen Landsmänner/-frauen Amaranthe sowie die finnischen Cello-Rocker Apocalyptica dabei haben werden.


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It's 1999 and while the rest of the world prepares for the new millenium Sabaton gears up for war and starts to make plans for world domination. For two hard years the young men trained for the task before them and in 2001 "Fist for Fight" saw the light of day. Hardened by their training they turn to their next task at hand without rest, and after several years of hard work and setbacks the warmachine "Primo Victoria" was unleashed upon the world with it's "Panzer Battalion" breaking new ground while the "Metal Machine" covered it's flanks during the western european campaign in 2005 and early 2006.br /Even while in war on the western front the band started to train the "Attero Dominatus" forces needed for their next strike at their high command in Sweden where domination by now had been established. When they returned to high command from the campaign they found that not only had the higly specialized elite force: the "Metal Crüe" been thorougly prepared for the battlefield, they had also gained the power and technology for a "Nuclear Attack".br /With the nessecary forces, machinery and technology Sabaton is now ready to put an end to the last remaining rebellions in the western parts of europe and gain new territories in the east.

Website: http://www.sabaton.net

Profilseite: http://www.myspace.com/sabaton

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