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 07.05.2020    Hirsch - Nürnberg


am :  07.05.2020
um :  20:00
Preis :  k.A.
mit :  Talco

90441 Nürnberg
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The patchanka-combat-ska-punk project Talco was first conceived by Tomaso De Mattia. Since 2002 Talco have made frequent live appearances, which have allowed the band to enjoy an increasing degree of popularity and play alongside Modena City Ramblers, Los Fastidios, Blisterhead, Linea 77, Banda Bassotti, Atarassia Grop, Obrint Pas, Punkreas, Persiana Jones, Arpioni, Ska-j and Derozer (among others). To this day, Talco has recorded two albums, both of which were produced and distributed in Italy and Europe by Kob Records and Mad Butcher Records, with the support of Venus Dischi. The first, “Tutti assolti” (2004), was well received by the music press in Italy, Germany, France, Spain, the Cech Republic and Mexico, and sold over 2,000 copies. The second album, “Combat Circus”, was released in November 2006, and was likewise positively acclaimed in Italian and European fan- and webzines, including Rockerilla, Rock Sound and Negative. Talco are among the best known Italian ska-punk bands, and have a particularly strong fan-base in Germany, where Talco gig tickes are regularly sold out.

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