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15.12.13. 15:16 Uhr

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Till Brönner

I have so, so anticipated all of your blogs!!! They have been azmaing. What a great writer you are. (Almost as good as your Cakery skills!!). You have helped pass the time while I've been in Knoxville this week. Jay's been in the hospital since Lori brought him to the ER last Sunday. Got out of CCU yesterday. He is improving. Hopefully the squirrely guys are all still in Tallahassee and you won't encounter any in Italy!! Bring a couple of those tight pants hotties home in your suitcase to share!!! Enjoy your travels!!! Be careful, have fun and love you!!! http://tijrpyq.com [url=http://lezzqghhu.com]lezzqghhu[/url] [link=http://yhabpdug.com]yhabpdug[/link]

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